The Things You Can Enjoy At U Street

The U Street Corridor of Washington DC is one of the city’s most vibrant historical areas. You can do so many things in the place. The U Street neighborhood was the center of Washington’s African American community. Way back in 1870, the place has many black-owned businesses. There are many entertainment venues and social institutions you can see around. In the early 20th century, the area became known as “Black Broadway”. This tagged name is popular after the name of Duke Ellington. He was one of many national figures who called the neighborhood home.

Today, the area is in transition and developing. There are many opening of new businesses. The place is well known for its u street bars. People visit the place more often to enjoy nightclubs, street bars, and for fun.

Dining and Nightlife

The place has many dining spots you can choose from. Most of their dining areas are open at night for a more exciting experience. They have their happy hour from 5 until 7 pm as part of its appeal. U street bar usually has a few open seats, and mellow jazz plays. The place is great for having good talks with some good friends. Provided with all the amenities, you can enjoy your night out.

If you wish to warm up, you can have much taste of wines. They have a wide choice of wine for you to enjoy. You can also have delicious food and good ambiance. U Street was once the heart of black culture in America. Today, the place attracts locals and visitors for its music and nightlife scene.

Exciting Foods

The foods in the area are exciting. One of the best ways to experience the food in the neighborhood is on U street bar. You can have a different cuisine to taste. The place also allows people to eat like in little Ethiopia, you will get to use your own hands. If you want to visit the place, you can assure not leave with an empty stomach.

Electrifying Music

The place is the birthplace of the celebrated jazz musician Duke Ellington. Until today, the city is as vibrant as ever, anchored by the electrifying music to some area. As lively as ever, you can enjoy listening to jazz in different bars. You can hear from a variety of tunes in the clubs from gourmet restaurants to neighborhood pubs. Some places are having an advance reservation. Other destinations are more casual that allows you to drop in and listen for a while with no cover charge.

If you plan your evening to be more exciting, there are clubs that feature a wide range of entertainers. Also, you can choose bars that offer a variety of music styles. The place is great for the music lover like you.